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Project Name: Travel Photography
Client: Rosemary Kyemba
Year: 2019

[big_text]Travel Photography[/big_text]

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Samuka Island Retreat

Rosemary was travelling to Samuka Island with friends and wanted a photographer to capture there moments.

Since I had spent a couple of months without visiting, I thought that was really exciting for me to tag along. I was really a fun trip!


[gallery_item title=”Enter Party” img=””]
[gallery_item title=”High Jump for Life” img=””]
[gallery_item title=”Feel the Sun” img=””]
[gallery_item title=”Best Friends Forever” img=””]
[gallery_item title=”Photo by Rosemary” img=””]
[gallery_item title=”Welcome Back” img=””]

[col size=”one_half”]Photos like these can create lasting memories in our lives, with friends to remember, some stay close in our nearby towns, and some travel to far distant areas and it’s such memories and photos that can keep us close![/col]

[col size=”one_half_last”]Samuka Island Retreat is a boutique lodge within a bird Sanctuary with over 50 species of birds. Samuka Island is just off the shores of Jinja, Uganda, only one and half hours away from Kampala but a world away from the crowd.[/col]

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