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Project Name: Web Design
Client: Mbale Travellers Inn
Year: 2017

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Redesigning Mbale Travelers Inn Website

I first visited Mbale Travellers Inn in Apirl 2017, that time I was running an entrepreneurship programme with Citi Bank Volunteers under Balloon Ventures. Before the programme closed, I met proprietor of the facility, he was looking for someone like me to redesign his website. However, he was already frustrated by previous web designers, so he refused to make any down payments. Regardless, I agreed to do his website in one week, and boom! I did it, and he gave me a bonus 🙂 Just like that!


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[col size=”one_half”]Just like Mbale Traveller’s Inn, there are many entrepreneurs landing in the hands of fraudulent and substandard web designers everyday, loosing millions of shilling every year without reaping the value for money spent.[/col]

[col size=”one_half_last”]Mbale Travellers Inn is located in Eastern Uganda approximately 60K.M from Malaba and about 230K.M from the Capital city – Kampala. The Hotel is Besides Mbale Central Police, Off Republic Street, Slopping down to the Central Market.[/col]

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